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Snappy Trainer ® 3-Pack

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Product Description

The original Snappy Trainer ® was the most effective, least expensive product of its type available. Still sold in 3 packs! Now shipped assembled with pride in the USA, deeper grooves under the mounting clips allow for a more stabile marriage between the mousetrap wire and the affixed plastic paddle virtually eliminating accidental separation. One size fits all ..... no need to trim the paddle as the larger size 'defends' a larger area thus requiring fewer units, and the quick snapping action once triggered makes for an impressive sight and sound as it leaps into the air! This unique improved product will allow you to correct a large variety of unwanted behaviors. If you are teaching your dog or cat to stay off a chair, one Snappy Trainer works well. A couch might require three or a bed, six. To restrict your pet to a certain area of the house or apartment, several rows of Snappy Trainer's at a doorway or hallway entrance may be needed. Use the Snappy Trainer as a problem begins to develop. For example, if you catch your dog licking the end of a wooden rocker, expect that he will chew on it the next time. By putting some Snappy Trainer's on the job before he does, you'll not only have a good chance of saving the chair, you will also discourage his development of a gourmet taste for furniture. This product effectively stops dogs and cats from: *Getting into trash *Jumping up on furniture/beds *Stealing food from counters and tables *Chewing *Housebreaking problems associated with a certain room or area *Running out the front door *Stealing shoes from the closet *Digging *Entering restricted areas of the house (pantry, upstairs, formal living room, baby's room) *Other destructive behaviors
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