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PlayaPup Pup Warmer Heating Dog Mat, Pressure Activated with Chew Resistant Cord, Blue, Medium

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Product Description

PlayaPup Pup Warmer Heating Mat for dogs or cats. Automatically Turns On When Pet Lies Down & Turns Off When Pet Gets Up! The Pup Warmer is designed specifically for pets to provide warming comfort at the veterinarian recommended temperature of 102 degrees. You will find it barely warm to the touch but can be assured it will warm your pet! Soothing heat will help relax and comfort yout pet helping with sore muscles or warming after a walk in cold weather. The auto on/off feature and chew resistant cord make the Pup Warmer a safe product for your pet. Perfect for Dogs and Cats. CLEAN: Simply unzip cover and throw it in the wash. PORTABLE: Easy to roll up and carry in your car/bag. DURABILITY: Will last for years due to its high quality contruction. Beds are approximately 3/4 inch thick. All dog bed measurements are in inches. WARNING: Overheating can be dangerous. The Pup Warmer is intended for use with either the fleece cover or to be placed under the outer later of your pet's bed. Never allow your pet to lie on the warmer without a cover. Bed comes with a chew resistant cord, an easily removable/washable cover, AC adapter, and care instructions.

Expert Review

Review by: Anna H.

I like this product so much that I determined to leave my first customer review ever! I'll admit that when I stumbled upon this article when just wandering around different websites once, I had no intent of purchasing anything. Upon more particular learning, however, I was curious with the circumstance that this manufacturer cares for environmental points. This may not look all that significant unless you happen to possess, or are interested in having environment friendly products as far as possible.

I read all over the internet to discover if I could solve my problem and came upon this product. It’s new for me, but it has plenty of great reviews and I wanted something like this! So, I took up PlayaPup Pup Warmer Heating Dog Mat, Pressure Activated with Chew Resistant Cord, Blue, Medium. It came three days ago, and I was delighted by its fine quality and even with the wrapper – a welcome find these days. The first thing that I did was trialing it for the statement specified on this webstore. No issues there: all is adequate to the characteristics.

The quality is so much higher than I've ever tried or even expected. I had some doubting but I was unjust. This is a durable, well-made article and I recommend it highly. This purchase is also a little treat to myself to make my life a little more agreeable...

When I was willing to make an order and had to clarify definite details – I’m very precautious when ordering from an unknown online store – assistance was very friendly and attentive. They answered all my requests with unbelievable endurance. If you were familiar with me, you would catch that it’s not so lighty :-)

So here’s the content of my buyer experiment:

PROS: Great quality article, rapid shipment.

Disadvantages: None that I can recall.

For this worth, I am extremely contented with PlayaPup Pup Warmer Heating Dog Mat, Pressure Activated with Chew Resistant Cord, Blue, Medium. I will definitely purchase from this online store again.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I never actually reviewed an article until I tested this one. AMAZING AWESOME. Winning product , especially for the worth. Functions as intended. Functions better than any of the other items that I have sampled.
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Customer Reviews

David Moore
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

noticed no flaws. it’s perfect!

Marie Foster
Verified buyer
UK, London

Everything is ok

Kelly Young
Verified buyer
UK, New Port

It’s not even necessary to compare with other offers – it’s the top quality

Liam Smith
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

the quality is great for the price

Kevin White
Verified buyer
UK, London

Buying from this shop is one of my favourite experiences of online purchases. the seller is great, can’t deny!

Sean Smith
Verified buyer
UK, London

Not sure if it’s the lowest price for , but totally sure it’s worth all the money I paid

Tyler Garcia
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

With free shipping available, it’s a great deal.

Evan Bell
Verified buyer
UK, Manchester

Resonable priced items like this are quite a rarity to be found. I appreciate the seller’s hard work and effort

Nicole Young
Verified buyer
UK, London

Beig really inexpensive, is a great purchase. I’m glad I made a bargain here, and I express all my gratitude to the seller

Jeremy Powell
Verified buyer
UK, London

Even when it’s not discounted, represents the perfect value for money

Elijah Austin
Verified buyer
UK, Oxford


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