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Petiner Electronic No Bark Control Dog Taining Collar-Adjustable Sensitivity Control,Low sensitivity

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Product Description

As per customer's feedback , Advantage version's sensitivity is too high,also with other defects,So we improve Petiner advantage version to meet some clients' requirement. The time you spend with your pet is precious, and you love having her in your life. When it comes to her behavior, you have very few complaints. Yet, there is one small issue you would like to fix her constant chatter. Lately, her barking and yapping has become the soundtrack of your life. It is'n exactly music to your ears, and you're ready to do something about it. The Bark Control Collar is an easy-to-use solution that will tune out her barking. How it works: Upon your dog's first bark, this anti-bark collar will emit a short warning tone. If your dog barks again within 30 seconds, a louder warning tone will sound. Then if your dog continues barking within another 30 seconds, a even louder warning tone will be issued along with a mild shock, the first and lowest level of correction. There are a total of 7 levels of correction that will be triggered by your dog's successive barks. Each successive bark will increase the correction level if the bark is within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark for at least 30 seconds the collar will resets itself. As a built-in safety feature, if the correction reaches the seventh level, the collar will shut off automatically for approximately 1 minute. For level 1~2, only warning tones will be issued; for level 3~7, warning tones are issued first and static shocks will ensue. By pushing the button "sensitivity down" or "sensitivity up", you can adjust the collar's sensitivity to your dog's bark and the environment in which your dog lives. Push "sensitivity up" to increase sensitivity and push "sensitivity down" to decrease.

Expert Review

Review by: Roberto M.
Before my acquaintance with Petiner Electronic No Bark Control Dog Taining Collar-Adjustable Sensitivity Control,Low sensitivity, I had tested all admissible sorts of conformable ones.Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this site and decided to give it a shot. In unverified online shops I ordinarily initiate with consuming slight amounts – solely totry and make up my mind whether to carry on with the website or not. I’m not the one who permits himself adventures particularly when it refers to pecuniary points. I decided this product was something I should invest in - and in fact – not much of an investment at that. I honestly never supposed that the article like this could be a real stroke of luck, but I was quite unjust. Who could imagine? Well, not me, really. anyhow, it does exactly what it has to do, and it does it excellently.

The idea of Petiner Electronic No Bark Control Dog Taining Collar-Adjustable Sensitivity Control,Low sensitivity is so easy, and the value so laughable that I figured it wouldn't operate. But it does precisely what it is intended to do. perfectly worth the cost. I've sampled a bunch of items of the kind before… I couldn't dream of a greater article. Respect to the manufacturer!

It is in fact perfectly made. The design shows that aesthetic touch can make overwhelming inequality in the usage of an item. I took up this one after inspecting the good comments and hoped they were right. They were. There are more than one benefits to this kind over the other ones I've sampled:
  • It looks well.
  • It is low-cost.
  • It’s a superior quality article.
  • It generally meets its descriptor and doesn’t disappoint.

If you are in the market for an article like this, I can't fancy you'll find one greater than this one.

No shopper’s pity; received the parcel timely, total A+++ purchase. Highly recommend!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
Eyesome form, profitable worth, best quality and entire correspondence to the characteristics. One of the greatest items of this form I have ever purchased, no regrets.
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Customer Reviews

James Miller
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

Everything’s fine!

Thomas Henry
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

That’s a brand new , and the quality is more than high

Matthew Jackson
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

the quality is astounding

Sophie Cox
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

Though I’ve only had this for 2 days a couple of weeks I’m quite happy with it. This was a superb bargain. I ordered it for my buddy. We were both affected with the quality of theitem. The parcel actually came quickly and I was quite satisfied. way surmounted my expectations. I would greatly recommend this thing. favor it so much I am already planning to order more.

Amanda Martinez
Verified buyer
US, Jacksonville

I’ve bought discounted and can’t be happier with a purchase

Brian Davis
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney


Olivia Young
Verified buyer
US, San Francisco

It’s awesome I could get online from this store. Was looking for it for a long time!

Bradley Moore
Verified buyer
UK, Bristol


Frank Jackson
Verified buyer
DE, Hamburg

totally rad

Amanda McDonnell
Verified buyer
UK, London

The best part is free shipping 🙂 Huge thanks to the seller!

Freddie Fuller
Verified buyer
US, Colorado

It’s a brand new , and for such a cost I couldn’t resist

Robert Williams
Verified buyer
US, San Diego

the store is just the best. savings for are totally worth it

William Jackson
Verified buyer
US, Chicago

I was just looking where to buy online. thanks to the seller!

Jesse Hardy
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

Even without any discount is really reasonably priced so this is truly an awesome purchase. Can surely recommend!

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