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Lamb Ears for Dogs (10 Pack) - Natural Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Sheep Chews, Smoked & Low Fat, Pet Products

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Product Description

Lamb Ears are another great option for your dog. They are low in fat and high in protein, making them an ideal natural dog chew. With no preservatives or chemicals, this treat is safe and healthy for your pet. As it is with any of our dog treats and dog chews, this product is purchased from USDA/FDA-approved facilities to ensure the safest treat available. These particular ears are sourced from New Zealand. Just like our bully sticks, each of our Lamb Ears is thoroughly washed before being slow roasted. This cooking process hardens the dog treat while also sealing in the natural flavor that dogs love. This treat will keep your dog busy while also helping to clean teeth and improve dental health. The natural chewing motion helps to loosen up and remove plaque and tartar.

Expert Review

Review by: Laura B.
I have to tell I’m a burdensome customer.

Having been involved in the notion of virtual shopping for significant time already, I still can’t waive aside a persuasive concern that the item I’ve lawfully got with my own fairly earned will be dispatched to me several months after making the payment. Or it will be delivered on time but putting it into service will lead to an odd rash on my skin. Or I will find myself dealing with an interminable odd smell that stays on for weeks and accompanies me and my relatives any place we go. Or it will unexpectedly fall apart in my hands making me troubled, upset, and fooled, which is particularly horrifying when the item was bought with the sole purpose to be used as a souvenir or something like that.

So I suppose it’s not that confusing to figure out how massively blessed and joyous I felt to witness the Lamb Ears for Dogs (10 Pack) - Natural Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Sheep Chews, Smoked & Low Fat, Pet Products I bought from the website was delivered in my hands mere a couple of weeks after the payment transaction. It wasn’t damaged or faulty or stuff like that, it was wrapped in a skillful manner, and following an in-depth inspection it appears like the item is functioning wonderfully, just as described. It looks superb, it smells normal, it feels well-made, so, generally, the sum I paid didn’t go for nothing.

Had it not been obtained as a souvenir, I would eagerly find Lamb Ears for Dogs (10 Pack) - Natural Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Sheep Chews, Smoked & Low Fat, Pet Products a nice use in my own flat but I suppose it makes just the perfect reason to buyanother one at some time in days to come.

And for certain, it’s more than important to mention that thecost is really reasonable, and the buying, in sum, represents a good value for the money. Thanks to the seller!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
To my massive joy, the product exceeded all my numerous expectations and appeared to be a terrific thing to possess.
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Customer Reviews

Megan Gray
Verified buyer
US, Fresno

Well made, fits & works perfectly

Robert Henry
Verified buyer
CA, Vancouver

I am satisfied. This was a great purchase with a extraordinary superior quality for such a tiny money paid. It’s entirely what I was imagining it would be. I just received it the other day and utilized it at once. as a consequence of the the initial use, I am absolutely thankful and would recommend to anyone!

Courtney Howard
Verified buyer
US, San Diego

awesome for its price bracket

David Powell
Verified buyer
US, Chicago

I’ve purchased on sale and the quality is amazing

Kevin Harris
Verified buyer
US, New York

the service here is just the best. savings for are in safe hands. in other words, it was well-spent money

Evan Bell
Verified buyer
UK, Manchester

Received as described. Very good quality

Katie Lewis
Verified buyer
UK, London

is resonable priced and store is really nice in general

Linda Young
Verified buyer
CA, Ottawa

That’s a brand new , and the quality is more than high

Harry Fox
Verified buyer
UK, Belfast

if you are looking for a real bargain, this is just what you need. superior quality, top service

William Jackson
Verified buyer
US, Chicago

Actually that’s a good price for . Bought without hesitation

Alice Foster
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

I looked through all the reviews before ordering, so I’m extremely happy with the purchase

Amber Cooper
Verified buyer
US, Colorado

on sale is something! i’m happy i managed to make such an awesome deal

Olivia Young
Verified buyer
US, San Francisco

matches the picture in full. i’m pleased

Sara Brooks
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

finally found what i’ve been looking for

Bradley Moore
Verified buyer
UK, Bristol

I received this 4 weeks ago and at first I liked it, but after a couple of was disturbed for the money spent. For the money I gave for this I can mention the same quality I can get in the nearest shop. This is nonsensical. Just not what I presupposed it would be and very carelessly made compared to comparable things. Not that the quality is so inacceptable, but the item is not worth itsmoney.

Sara Clark
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

I had no idea where can I buy until I stumbled upon this store. Great job!

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