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Kitty Kush Catnip Pellets with Built-in-Grinder

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Product Description

CATNIP DONE RIGHT! The all-natural catnip treat for your feline Kitty Kush is new catnip that's bringing fun back to treat time. When you buy natural feline treats, you want only the best for your family's kitty. There are so many varieties of cat treats to choose from these days, but it's high time for an easier, mess-free way to serve up premium catnip. With Kitty Kush, the innovative built-in grinder bottles makes it so you can effortlessly sprinkle a little love on your cat's favourite toy or scratching post. All it takes is a simple twist to release the high potency essential oils that cats love.

Expert Review

Review by: Amanda M.
For starters, I should mention that the thing is made of fine materials. In our time it takes effort to acquire something of fine quality for that money. The material looks good and strong so you can say that the product can serve you a long while. If you ask me, it is significant in items of this sort. On the web, you can find lots of products for a crazy price but the quality often turns out to be considerably worse. From that point of view, there’s not much sense judging about the quality of the product based on its price.

Another important detail is that the the stuff is surely comfortable. For me, this trait is one of the first things I pay attention to. I often happened to buy something that seemed fine but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

Often you also consider the outward appearance of the thing. If you ask me, the given merchandise looks outstanding though some people may disagree.

In comparison with other similar merch I often see at some web sites, undoubtedly this one is number one. Its price-quality trade-off is good. This quality is for sure worth the expense. I don’t like to pay more than needed when there’s merch of similar quality for better price.

Finally, I can say the product is absolutely worth its price. I’m lucky I discovered it and ordered it.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
The merchandise is a undoubtedly worth the posted price. The quality along with good price makes this merchandise a lucky purchase.
Conclusion Rating
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Customer Reviews

Melissa Martinez
Verified buyer
ES, Barcelona

bought this low priced 2 weeks ago. the order is already here, huge thanks to the seller!

Amber Cooper
Verified buyer
US, Colorado


Daniel Blake
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

The store is the most awesome place where can I buy and have no doubts over its quality or condition

Amber Watkins
Verified buyer
CZ, Prague

great value for money!

James Miller
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

a perfect choice for such a low price

Oliver Harris
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

This store is the best place where i can get online

Kevin White
Verified buyer
UK, London

I am enthusiastic. This was a first-rate deal with a stunningly first-class quality for such a minor worth. It’s completely what I was awaiting it would be. I just was given it a few hours ago and made use of it that very minute. after the trying, I am incredibly gladdened and would advise to anyone!

George Green
Verified buyer
NL, Amsterdam

got recently, wasn’t disappointed

Aaron Price
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

a great one. highly recommend

Rachel Long
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

nice 🙂

Evan Bell
Verified buyer
UK, Manchester

It took me some time to find a for such a modest price. Thanks to the seller!

Robert Henry
Verified buyer
CA, Vancouver

Received as described. Very good quality

Amber Rogers
Verified buyer
BE, Brussels

can’t wait to try it. looks promising

Amanda Fox
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

I’m glad i managed to find a reputable store where I can buy online

Amber Edwards
Verified buyer
US, New York

very good product, high quality, will order again

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