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Keep Off! Outdoor Dog & Cat Granular Repellent

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List Price:$15.76

Product Description

Four Paws Cat & Kitten Repellent is an excellent training aid that will repel cats and kittens for up to 24 hours. Use indoors or outdoors. 6oz. (17g)

Expert Review

Review by: Izamira K.
To be honest, I am particularly gladdened to have laid my hands on the Keep Off! Outdoor Dog & Cat Granular Repellent. It’s not expecially easy to grab a suiting item of this type even in a corner store, so I value the seller’s endeavour of presenting us the product of an absolutely excellent quality at such a lovely price.

Corporate responsibility is the thing I’m considering in a manufacturing company, and all the purchasing decisions are greatly formed by the manufacturer’s actions. So prior to having the item ordered I took the liberty of looking up the manufacturer and the corporation’s code of ethic.As a matter of a fact, I was relieved to figure out that the employees are operating in a safe working environment and that no human rights are violated during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, quite often it is not typical at all, and I personally dislike the thought of supporting a producer that trades upon the employees in an unfair and illicit manner.

I reckon you will also find it helpful to learn that the product was designed as the result of ethical sourcing of raw materials, and with the use of ecologically safe technologies as well. As far as I can tell, it is a good reason to place an order, especially given that the product induces no allergy or any unwanted health problems thanks to the top quality of the raw stock.

When my order was successfully delivered, I got the chance to witness the great quality of Keep Off! Outdoor Dog & Cat Granular Repellent with my own eyes. I have put it into service already, and I’m incredibly satisfied with the performance, so there is no doubt the product truly deserves a five-star review.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
An exceptional item produced from ethically sourced stock with the use of ecologically safe technologies. It’s truly a catch!
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Customer Reviews

Mary McCoy
Verified buyer
US, New York

amazing quality, will be ordering more! Thank you!

Megan Gray
Verified buyer
US, Fresno

This store has just the best offers for sale!

Courtney Howard
Verified buyer
US, San Diego

even for a small budget is a well-reasoned, useful and pleasant buy. i wasn’t disappointed, just the opposite

Jesse Hardy
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

thanks! liked your offer

Olivia Young
Verified buyer
US, San Francisco

Comfortable and excellent design

Veronica Baker
Verified buyer

Resonably priced goods like this one are my soft spot. Happy with the purchase like never before

Frank Jackson
Verified buyer
DE, Hamburg

the best part is the package. just wait and see, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Sara Clark
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

is so much more than i expected. a huge thanks!

Rachel Long
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

on sale is probably the best thing that happened to me this week. totally worth its money

Elijah Bell
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

quite a high quality for such a humble price

Kevin White
Verified buyer
UK, London

even better than the similar one i almost bought offline!

Oliver Harris
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

Can’t even compare with anything else – too cool! Thanks to the seller

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