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IIT 99915 Heavy Duty 50-Foot Dog Trolley

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Product Description

Curious dogs can get into trouble fast! But exercise is important. This Heavy Duty Dog Trolley Set can help keep active dogs safe, while still giving them the freedom to run! The set includes a 50ft tie out cable, a 10ft lead cable, plus screws, hooks, a pulley and spring - all of the components necessary to build a dog run, anywhere. The cables are forged from 8 gauge galvanized aircraft steel, with a tangle-resistant vinyl coating that protects against rust. The tie out cable features loop ends, and the lead cable ends in durable metal clips. Simply use the hooks, screws and springs to affix the tie out cable between two stationary objects, like trees or posts. Then attach the lead cable to the pulley, and to the dog's collar, and turn the pooch loose! The dog will be free to run anywhere along the length of the tie-out, without going beyond. This heavy duty set is designed for dogs up to 120lbs, so even the big guys can have fun. This top-notch trolley set is a great way to keep dogs safe near busy streets, or when owners aren't home. Get yours today!

Expert Review

Review by: Ken D.
I have to warn the reader I’m a problematic customer.

Having been taking part in the process of virtual purchasing for significant time already, I still can’t cast away a haunting image that the item I’ve fairly bought with my own hard earned will be handed over to me quite a few months after submitting the payment. Or it will be delivered in time but the utilization will provoke a weird skin irritation. Or I will find myself fighting a never-ending weird smell that stays for weeks and followes me and my family any place we go. Or it will unexpectedly break in my hands leaving troubled, distressed, and fooled, which is peculiarly dismaying when the item was bought with an intention to be used as a souvenir or something like that.

So I feel it’s not that hard to deduce how massively relieved and contented I felt when the IIT 99915 Heavy Duty 50-Foot Dog Trolley I ordered from the seller was delivered in my hands some half a month after the payment. It wasn’t run down or flawed or something like that, it was wrapped nicely, and following the results of a quick check it looks like the item is functioning faultlessly, just as described. It looks terrific, it smells normal, it feels pleasant, so, on the whole, the cash I paid didn’t go for nothing.

Had it not been ordered as a souvenir, I would eagerly find IIT 99915 Heavy Duty 50-Foot Dog Trolley a desired use in my own home but I guess it makes just the perfect reason to buya new one sometime in future.

And indeed, it’s more than necessary to remark that theselling price is really rightful, and the buying, basically, shows a good value for money. Thanks to the seller!
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To my enourmous relief, the item exceeded all my diverse expectations and ended up to be a superb thing to obtain.
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Customer Reviews

Jesse Hardy
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

Never thought buying online can be such fun. Thanks to the seller, my expectations are more than met!

David Moore
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

When such a cheap is available online, it’s logical to buy it instantly. That’s what I did 🙂

Linda Young
Verified buyer
CA, Ottawa

it’s most likely the cheapest in an online store. happy with the order!

Sara Brooks
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

Great purchase

Matthew Jones
Verified buyer
IT, Rome

such a great item for sale! it’s awesome to have an opportunity to get it online with a top customer service

Olivia Young
Verified buyer
US, San Francisco

With such a good price for no wonder it’s a hit in my hometown

Matthew Jackson
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

the store is just the best. savings for are totally worth it

Aaron Phillips
Verified buyer

Where can i buy for such a good price, if not here? Nowhere!

Aaron Price
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

the condition is perfect

Courtney Howard
Verified buyer
US, San Diego

It’s the lowest price for I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much!

Amber Edwards
Verified buyer
US, New York

Such an inexpensive is great! Best webstore ever!

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