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Healthy Pet Bedding, 10-Liter, Pink

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Product Description

Healthy Pet Colors Bedding Healthy Pet Colors Bedding for small animals makes a clean, safe and cozy environment for your pets, with fun colors to brighten up their habitat. With superior comfort and performance your pets will feel right at home, and taking care of them will be fun and easy for you. Healthy Pet Colors Bedding - Pink Superior Odor Control and Absorbency Healthy Pet bedding includes a proprietary odor control formula that neutralizes pet odors and keeps your pet's habitat fresher longer, without added scents and perfumes, allowing for more time between cage changes.Healthy Pet Bedding also absorbs 3x its weight in liquids, keeping your pets dry and comfy. The soft fibers trap and contain the liquids and won't fall apart or stick to the bottom of the cage, making clean-up easier. Safe and Easy to Use Healthy Pet is non-toxic and low dust, making it easier to clean and safer for individuals and pets that have sensitive respiratory systems. Colors are non-toxic and won't run or stain. Great for Nesting and Burrowing Burrowing species like hamsters, gerbils and mice will use the bedding to dig tunnels and build nests for warmth and a sense of security. Larger animals like rabbits and guinea pigs will sleep on top of the bedding for warmth and comfort. Natural Healthy Pet Ultra Pet Bedding is made from sustainable resources, that would otherwise be incinerated or discarded. It is made from natural fibers, so it's better for the environment. Instructions for Use Place 1-3 inches of bedding in your pet's cage or habitat, depending on the number of pets you have and whether or not they like to burrow. Remove damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replace with fresh bedding . Change bedding weekly or as needed. Always wash your hands after handling used bedding.Healthy Pet bedding is recommended for pets including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Ferrets, Chinchillas and other exotic small animals. It is not intended for grazers such as tortoises. Product Features Superior odor controlAbsorbs 3x its weightSafe and non-toxicLow-dust100% biodegradableMade in USA

Expert Review

Review by: Marie L.
I buy stuff via the internet a lot but sometimes you don’t get what you expect. This time I was delivered what I was looking for.

The thing that drew my attention was the design. It’s not often that you see merch like this at an online store. So initially, I got interested in the item when I saw it. Though I was not sure about the quality when I was ordering it. From my previous experience I knew I’d better not expect high quality. Nevertheless I happened to be wrong.

When the order was delivered I was amazed by the quality of the item. If you think about it, it’s hard to purchase such item made of decent materials. the merch turned out to be a fine purchase! I’m glad I purchased it. I never thought I’d get something decent on the web. I came upon some similar items from other sellers but I couldn’t find anything of proper quality. Either the design or the quality appeared too poor so I decided not to take the risk.

I was browsing web stores searching for a present for my partner and I was lucky I purchased this at this web shop. I read the item is rather popular among a lot of people. My friend has been using it for 2 weeks now and seems pretty much happy. So I guess I was lucky to encounter this web site.
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I’m glad I got this product. The web site offered fine quality and price if you compare it with others. No complaints.
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Customer Reviews

Thomas Hart
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

When I placed my order, discount was significant. It saved me lots of money!

Sara Clark
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

I received this 2 weeks ago and at first I enjoyed it, but after a few felt uneasy for the price paid. For the amount I gave for this I can affirm the same quality I can acquire in any shop round the corner. This is absurd. Just not what I presupposed it would be and very poorly made compared to similar products. Not that the quality is so faulty, but the good is not worth itscost.

Aaron Phillips
Verified buyer

this is a fairly good price for , i dare say. given that the quality is superior, this is really a bargain

Amber Edwards
Verified buyer
US, New York

I was extremely glad to find online for such a reasonaby price and from such a reputable seller

Daniel Blake
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

Wondered where can i buy with a reasonable price. found an answer!

Elijah Bell
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

can’t wait to try it. looks promising

Amber Cooper
Verified buyer
US, Colorado

Both shipment and quality are astonishing. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

William Phillips
Verified buyer
US, New York

You won’t be disappointed with the purchaseas it offers a truly awesome value for money

Bradley Moore
Verified buyer
UK, Bristol

Now I don’t have to worry where to buy online – thanks to the seller, the quality is great

Oliver Harris
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

looks solid and durable. nice!

Amanda Fox
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

fabulous product quality

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