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F.M. Brown's Tropical Carnival Fruit and Nut Cockatiel Conure and Lovebird Pet Treat, 8-Ounce

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List Price:$7.99

Product Description

Brown's fruit and nut cockatiel, conjure and lovebird treat is loaded with extremely great stuff. it's jam-packed with a balanced blend of natural, wholesome fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies that your bird will find enticing and nutritious. what a great way to reward your pets during training or just because you love them. we've sized our treat bits and pieces to be just the right size bites for cockatiels and other small hook bill birds. our chewy-crunchy morsels are stimulating and fun to eat. it's simply a natural fit that's good for them too.

Expert Review

Review by: Caroline T.
In the first place, I found that the stuff is thoroughly made. At these days it isn’t often that you get something of suitable quality for such a low price. The material seems good and strong so in my opinion the merch can serve you quite long. I think many people believe it to be important in such merchandise. In the internet, you often see lots of products for a high price but the quality nevertheless turns out to be so so. In that context, it’s pointless keeping in mind its price.

I also liked that the product is surely comfortable. In my thinking, this factor is one of the first things I take note of. I once happened to pay for something that looked as a high-quality product but what turned out to be too uncomfortable.

Many people also take into account the appearance of the thing. In my opinion, the given F.M. Brown's Tropical Carnival Fruit and Nut Cockatiel Conure and Lovebird Pet Treat, 8-Ounce looks good though this is a matter of preferences.

In comparison with other similar merchandise I discovered elsewhere, I’m sure this one is more than good. Its value for money is more than attractive. This quality is totally worth the price. I don’t like to pay more than needed when there’s merch of similar quality for less money.

Lastly, I would say the model is beyond doubt worth its price. I’m glad I discovered it and bought it.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
The model is a undoubtedly worth the money. The quality of the material combined with good price makes this model a good purchase.
Conclusion Rating
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Customer Reviews

Jeremy Powell
Verified buyer
UK, London

It’s actually quite resonably priced, so I gave it a try. Quite satisfied

Maria Wood
Verified buyer
US, California

liked the material. it’s awesome!

Elijah Bell
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

using for a couple of days already. just as described!

Sophie Cox
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

awesome for its price bracket

Laura Kelly
Verified buyer
CA, Toronto

Now I know here to find online for a great price! Thanks to the seller

Matthew Jackson
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

on sale is probably the best thing that happened to me this week. totally worth its money

Harry Fox
Verified buyer
UK, Belfast

Wondered where can i buy with a reasonable price. found an answer!

Olivia Young
Verified buyer
US, San Francisco

finally found what i’ve been looking for

Jesse Hardy
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

delivered already. thanks a bunch!

Derek Smith
Verified buyer
US, New York

even without a discount is still really affordable

Sara Brooks
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

Well, that was truly a bargain. My order is in the post already, can’t wait to collect it and give it a good try at home

Maggie Phillips
Verified buyer
US, Lakewood

i am delighted. matches the photo in full

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